YIPPIE!! Vi har blivit godkända som RCE!!!

Från: Global RCE Service Centre [mailto:rceservicecentre@ias.unu.edu] Skickat: den 10 december 2012 10:31 Till: Miriam Sannum; johan.boman@gu.se Kopia: ‘Jos Hermans’; Mori, Yoko Ämne: RCE West Sweden: Result of the 7th Meeting of the Ubuntu Committee of Peers for the RCEs


Dear Ms. Miriam Sannum and Prof. Johan Boman,


The Ubuntu Committee of Peers for the RCEs (hereafter referred to as the “Committee”) held its seventh meeting on 25-26 November 2012 in Yokohama, Japan and reviewed 32 applications from all over the world for official acknowledgement. Among all, the Committee recommended UNU to acknowledge 15 RCEs with some specific recommendations.

On behalf of the Global RCE Service Centre, I am pleased to informally notify you that the Committee recommended UNU to acknowledge RCE West Sweden with the following recommendations:


  • It is recommended that the RCE consider what is the added-value as an RCE – what the RCE would be doing that would be new or different from what they are currently doing.
  • It would be good to have greater feedback on how the RCE would work with others in the region to positively influence on a national level.


We would very much appreciate it if you could take the above-mentioned recommendations into consideration in the future development of the RCE. The official letter and certificate of acknowledgement will be sent to the address provided in the application in due course. Congratulations!


Accordingly, you are entitled to use the RCE logo for your RCE’s brochure, website or any RCE-related activities, upon request and approval by the Global RCE Service Centre. For more details, please refer to the RCE logo use policy and RCE logo request form attached to this message. All acknowledged RCEs are also required to submit an online RCE annual report as well as share any news and events of your RCEs on the RCE Portal. If you need assistance to access the RCE portal, please contact Ms. Anna Dirksen at dirksen@ias.unu.edu.


We look forward to closely working with you in the future. At this special time of year, we wish you a wonderful holiday season!


Best regards,

Sachiko Yasuda

On behalf of the Global RCE Service Centre

ESD Programme, UNU-IAS



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